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 NIGHT Solar

battery storage systems

Night Solar battery storage systems are designed to provide a predetermined amount of captured DC solar power in unique solar batteries for conversion to AC power for use in the home both during the day and at night.

Solar battery storage may provide needed power during times of poor solar power generation (overcast days) and at night time where the purchase from the electricity grid is not the preferred option (cost decision).

Solar batteries coupled with high efficiency grid-tie interactive hybrid inverters, unique battery chargers and Tier 1 top quality solar panels can deliver maximum performance for an economical outlay.

With an endless number of battery technologies being offered the choice can be simple when looking for value for quality, safety and reliability of performance.  Ekonomix Solar has the answer.

Reducing the dependence on the grid by utilising solar battery storage systems minimises the cost of expensive traditional power.  Storage enables households to focus on minimising power consumption by smart energy usage.

The cost of solar battery storage systems has dramatically reduced recently due to the increased supplier competition focus and consumer demand.  Value for money and new technology innovations are now available.

The number of battery offerings by overnight "experts"has confused the market however the solution is simple for the consumer who should look for experienced providers like Ekonomix Solar for battery storage solutions, solar system options with experienced and expert advice.

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